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Licenses & Approvals for Cosmetics

Licenses and Approvals for Cosmetic Products

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Generic License for Cosmetics – New / Renewal (for So-and-So)

GALI AMIR Regulatory Services LTD provides prompt and efficient preparation and submission of registration files as well as obtaining license approval by the Ministry of Health. The Company has a long-standing work interaction with the Department of Cosmetics at the Ministry of Health.

Fast and professional submission in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health for all types of cosmetic products: specific-designated, regular, nano products, sun protection products, baby products and more

Hair Straightening Cosmetics License

The registration of cosmetic products whose purpose is to straighten hair is a very complex process with the Ministry of Health, which updates, on a regular basis, the requirements, and the approved active components to appear in the composition of the product. In order to succeed in the submission of a cosmetic product dossier and obtain approval, the submission must be prepared and submitted according to the requirements.

A cosmetic license for Gel Nail Polish and Products Used with a LED/UV Apparatus

Submissions of this type involve a very complex process that require compliance with the criteria and requirements of the Ministry of Health. In addition to the usual requirements, this LED/UV product registration track requires a Safety Assessment under certain criteria. GALI AMIR Regulatory Services LTD will proficiently provide this service, including the preparation of a safety report.

Cosmetics License for a Product Containing NANO

Cosmetics containing a NANO component must meet different criteria than regular cosmetics and are reviewed by an expert committee in the Ministry of Health. At GALI AMIR Regulatory Services LTD, we are experts in submitting and obtaining approval for cosmetics containing nano components.

What are nanoparticles? A nano material is a material whose particles are 100 nanometers or less in size (a nanometer is a unit of measurement of length – one million nanometers equals 1 mm).
Nanoparticles in cosmetics are characterized by different properties compared to the same material that is not nano-size. Therefore, the need arose to test their safety, since, due to their size, nanoparticles may penetrate the bloodstream through the skin, when using products that come into contact with the skin, such as cream or lotions.

Issuance of a Free Sale Certificate

Submission of the documents required by the Ministry of Economy in order to issue a Free Sale Certificate in Israel for products for export

Preparation of files submissions of Cosmetic Products and Medical Devices for the Palestinian Authority

For the Palestinian Authority, the requirements for submissions are different from those of the Israeli Ministry of Health. GALI AMIR Regulatory Services LTD assists and provides the preparation of cosmetic products and medical devices dossiers for the Palestinian Authority, including a close guidance and accompaniment until licenses are obtained. The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health requires documents that are different from those submitted in an Israeli application, so it is very important to be accompanied by the experienced professionals.

Clinical Tests for Cosmetics and Medical Devices

For skin contact products, which are approved as local-use cosmetics or medical devices, a clinical trial with volunteers is required. At GALI AMIR Regulatory Services LTD, we partner with the top laboratories in Europe that will provide the best results for these tests: tested for sensitive skin, dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested, hypoallergenic, sun protection and all according to the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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